FFS WordPress

The famous five minute quick installation, my ass!

Firstly, I’ve just discovered FileZilla, and now I don’t have to upload my files one by one! When I didn’t know about FileZilla and FTP, I used my hosting provider’s web-based interface to upload HTML files to my web-site one-by-one. I’m glad those days are gone!

In the beginning days when I just wrote my own HTML files that was cool, because I only had about 10 files. But now that I’m learning to be a WordPress master I need FTP, and FileZilla rocks! (Thanks to jj5 for the recommendation!)

In the five minute install it said do you have a MySQL server, and I was like “yeah”, but then when I uploaded WordPress it said that my version of MySQL wasn’t high enough! They didn’t tell me *that* in the five minute install instructions!

And now on another one of my WordPress web-sites I have a random error with a stray < character in the wp-settings.php config file and the whole site is broken. I don’t even know who to blame for that!

In conclusion I take my hat off to people who have WordPress sites, because it’s not as easy to get it set up as it says in the manual. You still have to know computers to get it going I guess.

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