Fuck you ChatGPT

Man. Today I can’t prove I’m human to ChatGPT because its captcha is too hard for me. I gave it like five or six goes. I’m a bit pissed off because I pay for access to ChatGPT and having it waste my time like this and then deny me access wasn’t what I sent my money for. Off I go…

Update: gonna try NoowAI, that looks interesting and like it might satisfy my usecases.

Watch Loupe

This morning my new eyeglasses arrived, they are these ones from AliExpress: Watch Loupe Glasses Magnifying Repair Tool Loop Magnifiers Watchmaker Jewelry Jewelers Magnifier Foreye Convenient Professional.

Rather than do an unboxing video I thought I’d just write it up in this blog post.

There’s a headband type thing that comes with them that looks rather cheap and flimsy (it is), but it’s actually quite functional and practical.

The 20X magnification is my fav, and I might even see if I can get something with higher magnification one day.

John's new eyeglasses

The headband that goes with the eyeglasses

The Problems of Philosophy, further reading

At the end of The Problems of Philosophy, Bertrand Russell says:

The student who wishes to acquire an elementary knowledge of
philosophy will find it both easier and more profitable to read some
of the works of the great philosophers than to attempt to derive an
all-round view from handbooks. The following are specially