Google Chrome FTW


Now I know jj5 won’t like this post. But I was hoping for some feedback from other progclub members..

Am I a total noob? It’s clearly the fastest browser, it gives you the best scope to work with by using the omnibar (search bar and url typer-iner), it also has awesome plugins, themes, and it uses hardly any resources compared with MS.

Is anyone else a hater, and why? I’m telling you guys, it’s the BEST browser.

Google Chrome FTW

10 thoughts on “Google Chrome FTW

  1. To be fair, I’ve never really evaluated chrome expect for the few times that I’ve used it on your computer. The reason I don’t like it is because it’s made by google, and I don’t like google. My first impression of the browser is that it’s nothing special, and seems a bit rough around the edges (e.g. dodgy highlighting when you select text). There’s nothing wrong with firefox, which is a perfectly fine browser that has been around longer and has more features, more stability and more support. I don’t believe you that chrome is ‘faster’ than firefix — I saw a good article on this a while back, but can’t find it again, these days all browsers are pretty much as fast as each other.

  2. Oooh, browsers! Too bad my knowledge of them is a year obsolete now so I won’t write much of a wall of text:

    I haven’t been much of a Chrome user, like jj5, to say much. It’s only installed on my notebook so I can use it whenever I feel like making a website that is compatible for all browsers (I don’t have Microsoft Expression that can virtually do that, and I prefer Adobe Dreamweaver anyway). It is faster to load than IE6-8, I obviously agree, and it is quite sleek. But I’m just so comfy with Firefox right now that I cannot bear to part away from it and partake in this discussion without any bias. =p

  3. Personally, I much prefer chrome over firefox. It feels much faster, sleeker, and I don’t use a good 90% of Firefox’s features anyway. The only real lack I’ve felt is Firefox’s ShowIP plugin.

    And by faster, I don’t mean simply page load speeds – From clicking the browser’s icon to browsing the web, I can do that quicker in Chrome than FF. Very noticably so in linux, but still enough of a margin to notice in windoze.

    All that being said, I’ve not even bothered to install FF4 or newer since the FF4 beta, where it just felt like a clunky attempt to be more Chrome-like, so maybe things are different now.

  4. I agree that Chrome / Chromium are noticeably faster than FF (especially when I’m browsing apps I’ve written) but I still prefer FF. Partly I prefer it because it’s more open / community-driven, but probably the primary thing that keeps me in FF is the vimperator plugin. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool keyboard jockey / vim user so any browser that requires heavy mouse usage is a problem for me. Chrome has the vimium plugin, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to vimperator at this point. Hypothetically, if chrome were to remain noticeably faster than FF and deliver a quality vim-like plugin, I’d convert. Until then, I’m quite pleased with FF. (v6.0.1 as jj5 says)

  5. Oh and just one other thing, does FF have ‘covert mode’ – it comes in handy for people like me who have a psycho gf always checking my history and asking why I looked at her bff’s fb page lol. Ctl-Shf-N and all of a sudden I’m browsing with no history recorded :D

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