jsphp.co developments

I’m working on my jsphp.co web-site. I haven’t deployed my latest changes yet, so there’s nothing there on the main web-site just now, except if you head over to checkout the development area which has all my latest changes. Basically over the last couple of days I’ve added support for:

  • Home page
  • Category listing
  • Function listing
    • View function, tests and benchmark with linkable line numbers
    • Edit function, tests and benchmark with summary
    • Test the code using QUnit
    • Benchmark code and compare versions
    • List revisions and view, edit or change the release status
    • List developers including local and upstream contributors
    • Comments on functions or tests (incomplete)
    • Link to features, such as code downloads or the phpjs.org implementation
    • Administer the function
  • Contributor listing
    • Lists local contributors
    • Lists upstream contributors
  • Licensing info
  • Downloads
  • Links to other web-sites
  • Contact information
  • System administration
    • Manage categories
    • Manage functions
    • Manage users
    • Manage upstream developers
    • View errors

There’s still a little bit to do. Basically I need to review the entire code base for HTML injection and XSS vulnerabilities, I need to fix up the commenting subsystem to allow for editing and creation of comments, I need to protect from some changes (e.g. only administrators can release a function version), many of the forms need better/reviewed workflow for errors and omissions, there needs to be a facility for adding and removing upstream developers, and that’s about it. Once I’ve got those planned changes done I’ll release the latest version of the site and begin the process of importing the phpjs.org code base.

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