Diagnosing non-functional RD6006W

So I have a Geekcreit┬« XH-M229 Desktop Computer Chassis Power Supply Module ATX Transfer Board Power Output Terminal Module which I’ve plugged into an old ATX power supply. I’m using that to power a RD RD6006 RD6006W USB WiFi DC DC Voltage current Step-down bench Power Supply module buck adjustable converter multimeter 60V 6A. When I assembled my RD6006W and powered it up, “nothing happened”. I wasn’t sure where the fault was, but I used my new OWON XDM1041 Digital Multimeter and my TENMA 72-10505 Bench Power Supply to narrow down the problem: I’ve blown the fuse for the 12 volt line on my ATX power supply. So gonna replace that soon. In the mean time I’ve been testing my RD6006W by powering it off the 5 volt line. So far so good.

Geekcreit® XH-M229 ATX Power Board
RD6006W WiFi DC DC Power Supply
TENMA 72-10505 Bench Power Supply
OWON XDM1041 Digital Multimeter

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