Now with ethanol!

So thanks to my *subscriber* Craig I now also have ethanol:

I’m not sure when you’d use ethanol rather than isopropyl. Maybe Craig can tell us in the comments section? :)

4 thoughts on “Now with ethanol!

  1. The one thing I can think of that ethanol will dissolve that other things won’t as easily is shellac. Probably not something you’ll come across that often.

    Ethanol is often sold as “denatured alcohol” in the US, and as “methylated spirits” in other parts of the world. In both cases, it can be less than 50% ethanol. The remainder is often methanol, which will MAKE YOU GO BLIND if you drink it, so do NOT drink anything labeled “ethanol”. I have some 99.9% pure stuff here that I bought from a medical supply company, and I wouldn’t even drink that.

  2. Just thought of another cleaner: ammonia. The lens/glass cleaner you have probably contains some.

    No idea if you’d ever need this in the course of what you’re doing. Just mentioning it for completeness.

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