Man, I just pulled this long silver hair from my beard. I dunno how it happened, but I got old. :|

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4 thoughts on “Greybeard

  1. Juuuuust wait. Latest fun one is my eyebrows going grey. :)

    On a more serious note, here are two books I think everyone should read in their 40s: “The Happiness Curve”, and “Younger Next Year”. The former is the psychology of aging, and how, counter to the prevailing perception, happiness tends to increase later in life. But I find it particularly interesting because it gives a good explanation for why many of us are *less* happy in our 40s. Very worth reading.

    The second one I read more recently, and is about how to age while avoiding almost all of the various physical limitations we mistakenly think are unavoidable – loss of strength, loss of mobility, etc. etc. The TL;DR is “exercise, a lot of exercise”. But it’s a relatively scientific treatment of the topic, and I found it compelling. The idea that you can choose to be one of those fit 80 year olds you see who still ski and bike by choice rather than just by winning the genetic lottery is hugely hopeful to me, especially here on the far side of 50.

    Anyway, thought you might find those interesting. You’re a bit younger than me, but I wish I had read both of those when I was more like 40.

  2. That looks like a decent program. I would definitely look into adding a heart rate monitor to ensure you’re working as hard as you think you are. It’s super easy to misperceive whether you are getting sufficient aerobic benefit or not, and HRMs are incredibly cheap now.

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