Showing URL scheme in firefox

Today I was diagnosing some HTTP/HTTPS issues, and firefox was being a bitch by not showing me whether I was on a HTTPS or HTTP connection in the address bar. Turns out that in order to show the URL scheme you can change the setting in about:config. You need to change browser.urlbar.trimURLs to false, and then you’re back in business.

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30 thoughts on “Showing URL scheme in firefox

  1. Ahaha! They were following Chrome with that. It seemed weird at first to only see the URL scheme if the site’s on HTTPS. But now that I’ve started to use both Firefox and Chrome, I’ve gotten to used to it. I still went on about:config to change its setting though. ‘One Chrome window’ is enough, lol.

  2. Alright, I see what a pain it is when the URL scheme isn’t shown all the time. I kept on getting broken links whenever I tried to copy an URL for a HTML hyperlink. Not Happy Jen.

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