Mr Robot: 2:22

OK, this is creepy.

This evening I had some left over food in the fridge that I was going to reheat for dinner. As I was carrying it from the fridge to the microwave I considered how long I should reheat it for. I was thinking two minutes, but thought maybe that’s not quite enough, so a little over two minutes, that is: 2:22. That’s what I decided. Then, I put the food in the microwave and accidentally unconsciously pressed start twice, i.e. two minutes. I realised the mistake I made, but didn’t concern myself to fix it. Two minutes would be about enough (it was).

Shortly after my reheated dinner I started watching my weekly Mr Robot. About 14 minutes in to this week’s episode (7) the main character Elliot used his microwave:


You can’t make this shit up.

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