More shelving!

In addition to the new shelving I’ve added two more bits.

One is a shelf for my Chumby (or anything else) and the other is a 10cm plastic protrusion which I can use to hang my headphones (or anything else).

Those green drawers are made from cardboard and needed a little extra support under the left hand side on the bottom which is why I stuck one of my 4.5mm PVC sheets under there (but I also needed something to attach the 10cm protrusion, so two birds, one stone).

Those PVC sheets I’ve been using were 4.5mm thick clear Nanya PVC cut to order at 254 x 174 mm by Plastics Online. I had to order a bunch of them to meet the minimum order requirements (I think I ordered 8 and they sent 9).

There’s space between my three stacks of drawers for one or two component boxes, so looking forward to making something interesting to stick in those.

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