More shelving!

In addition to the new shelving I’ve added two more bits.

One is a shelf for my Chumby (or anything else) and the other is a 10cm plastic protrusion which I can use to hang my headphones (or anything else).

Those green drawers are made from cardboard and needed a little extra support under the left hand side on the bottom which is why I stuck one of my 4.5mm PVC sheets under there (but I also needed something to attach the 10cm protrusion, so two birds, one stone).

Those PVC sheets I’ve been using were 4.5mm thick clear Nanya PVC cut to order at 254 x 174 mm by Plastics Online. I had to order a bunch of them to meet the minimum order requirements (I think I ordered 8 and they sent 9).

There’s space between my three stacks of drawers for one or two component boxes, so looking forward to making something interesting to stick in those.

New shelving

I needed a bit of plastic of a particular size. But the company that cut to size for me demanded a minimum order. So I ended up with ten pieces of plastic:

I got some angle brackets and used three spare pieces to make some shelves. See if you can spot them all:

Hmm. Here’s one with slightly better lighting: