All You Need To Know About ESR METER

Enjoyed watching this one: All You Need To Know About ESR METER To Fix Stuff. How To Use Test Capacitors Inductors Short Finder.

Mentioned were:

ESR stands for Equivalent Series Resistance. You can measure it for capacitors and inductors.

In the video the presenter makes this note: capacitors with these symptoms: double rated capacitance and low ESR, will exhibit very high DC leakage current. He says you should always measure capacitance and ESR when testing caps.

The formula for measuring microhenrys with a 100 kHz ESR meter is: R = 0.628 L; where R is in Ohms (Ω) and L is in microhenrys (µH). So if we measure the ESR we can calculate the inductance.

In the back end of the video he explains how to use an ESR meter to find shorted out MOSFETs in the power stages on a motherboard.

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