Passing myself off as respectable

There’s been a little bit of spring cleaning around here today!

I’m trying to get my house in order so I can pass myself off as respectable when I start promoting my new show In The Lab With Jay Jay in earnest.

To that end I have reviewed the look and feel of my wiki. It no longer has that black, green, and orange monospaced font vibe going on, but now uses the relatively unoffensive default theme.

It’s not using the latest Vector theme, but rather the legacy one. This was deliberate because I have a lot of big tables in my wiki (such as on my computers and shopping pages) and the legacy theme plays nicer with those.

I’ve also been tweaking the website for my show, including an updated about page.

The blog, the wiki, and the show also now all use my new favicon which is my take on the Hacker Emblem:

John's new icon, based on the Hacker Emblem

2 thoughts on “Passing myself off as respectable

  1. Wiki and logo look good! I hope you’re planning a similar upgrade for your website, though. I hope you don’t mind me saying so; I know you value straight talk. Times New Roman, black and white theme, justified hard left, etc. – definitely could use a bit of punching up.

    • Hey Craig, thanks for your feedback! :)

      I agree that the website looks a bit shit, but I really am not a web designer type person. :P

      The reason it’s justified hard left is because I have these big tables which become unwieldy when I try to center the content.

      And it’s not Times New Roman in my browser, I don’t think. Maybe it’s using default fonts, I will have to check!

      Thanks again. I will give this some attention today and see if I can do better.

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