Paging Craig

Hey, Craig. I wouldn’t ordinarily try to contact you with a message from my blog, but the email address I have for you isn’t working. Maybe check your domain name is properly configured with your email provider? Contact me with a functional email address and I will send you the details!

The error message is: “The partner did not specify the domain to relay the emails”, so looks like maybe you need to configure a forwarding address.

4 thoughts on “Paging Craig

  1. I feel ya. I manage a bunch of SMTP servers (Postfix, Mailman) and the admin is a nightmare. They’re running okay at the moment but I have no idea how I’m gonna go about upgrading them. Tried to do an OS upgrade recently and I had to roll back the whole thing!

  2. Fixed, thanks. Turns out it was 100% an issue at Google. I didn’t get email for about four days. Can’t say I missed it. :) But would have been a pain if I’d had to reset a password.

    Anyway thanks for the heads up.

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