Six sigma blister pack

When I signed up for distance education a decade or two ago they wouldn’t let me use my normal username ‘jj5’ (from memory at three characters it was too short) so I had to pick something else on the spot while I was signing up and in the heat of the moment I picked ‘sixsigma’, mostly as a bit of a joke.

In statistics sigma is the standard deviation, and six sigma with regard to a normal distribution is six standard deviations from the norm which is very very unlikely. It was just me being cute and not particularly humble but at the same time just tongue in cheek.

Anyway. The thing is that I think very very unlikely events/things are cool. Because when they happen they shake everything up. And today a very very unlikely thing happened to me, which in my whole life has never happened before, and will probably never happen ever again:

Today one of the blisters in the blister pack that my medicine comes in didn’t have a tablet in it!

I mean, wow, right? :)

Empty blister pack

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