How to hack the beliefs that are holding you back

Read an article today, How to hack the beliefs that are holding you back. Not sure that I will actually be applying any of those techniques but I do feel as though I’m holding on to some beliefs which are holding me back and I would like to abandon them. I think I’m afraid of being successful, even though that seems silly. I just worry that I’m not qualified enough to be making decisions which will affect people’s lives and I worry about the time in my life being soaked up so much that I don’t have the time to give other people. At the moment if people, anyone, needs me, then I’m available, regardless of how important they are. I worry that if I were successful I’d be in so much demand that I’d have to start picking and choosing who I gave my time to and I’m loathe to do that. I dunno. I’m pretty sure I want to be successful. I’m not sure what’s holding me back. But I haven’t been getting on with things in the way that I feel I should be if I want to be successful.

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