In The Lab With Jay Jay – December 12, 2023 – Mail Call! Plus Two Old Books And A Floppy Disk

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Silly Job Title: Ohm Oracle

Old Book: Electric Circuits by J. Richard Johnson published 1984 with 888 pages.

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Today we pop open a few bags of stuff that has arrived in the mail.

I mention about the trouble I had with my Western Digital Purple drives.

I mention about my new Western Digital Black 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD WDS100T3X0E drives.

I mention about my Educational 555 PCBs which have arrived from PCBWay. The website of the designer is given as:

The systems of units mentioned in the old book Electric Circuits are discussed at MKS system of units and Centimetre–gram–second system of units.

The 256GB M.2 NVMe drives I got to use as my ZFS L2ARC cache are these: TOSHIBA KIOXIA 256GB BG5 NVMe SSD M.2 2280 – NEW GEN4.

The automotive fuses I got are these ones: Car Fuse Blade Fuse Kit Fuses Automatic Truck Blade The Fuse Insurance Insert Insurance of Xenon Piece Lights Auto Accessories.

The test clips I got are these ones: 10X Universal Chip clamp micro IC clamp SOP SOIC TSOP MSOP SSOP SMD IC Test Clip pin Socket Adpter Programmer for logic analyzer.

The book which arrived in the mail was The SCSI Bus and Ide Interface: Protocols, Applications and Programming (2nd Edition) by Friedhelm Schmidt published 1997 with 396 pages.

Here is a table of products I use which may appear in my video with affiliate links to vendors if you would like to buy. The link given here won’t necessarily have the best price so please do shop around to see if you can find a better deal. If you have thoughts or questions please feel free to let me know. Let’s go shopping!

Equipment Affiliate Link Notes

Rigol MSO5074 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

OWON XDM1041 Bench Multimeter
Owon XDM1041/XDM1241 Digital Multimeter 55000 Counts High Accuracy Desktop Multimeters AC/DC Tester True RMS USB Multimeter notes

ANENG AN-999S Bench Multimeter
ANENG AN-999S Desktop Voice Multimeter Digital 19999 Counts Professional Bluetooth Tester True RMS AC/DC Voltmeter Current Tools notes

DigiTech QM1323 Multimeter
DigiTech QM1323 Multimeter – Grey/Yellow notes

DT830B Digital Multimeter
DT830B AC/DC LCD Digital Multimeter 750/1000V Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Tester High Safety Handheld Meter Digital Multimeter notes

Brother P-Touch D210 Label Maker
Brother P-Touch D210 Handheld Label Maker TZe 3.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm with Free Tape notes

‎OUSFANAM Capactior Discharge Pen
Portable Capacitor Discharge Pen Fast Discharging Tool Digital Sparkpen Discharger 1000V For Industrial Sparkpen Battery Capacitor Fast Discharge 1000V Repair Tool Discharger For Safety notes

ALKOY Capactior Discharge Pen
1000V Portable Capacitor Discharge Pen High Voltage Quick Discharging Tool Constant Discharge Pen Electronic Repairs Discharge Pen ALKOY notes

Kaisi Repair Mat
Kaisi Heat Insulation Silicone Repair Mat with Scale Ruler and Screw Position for Soldering Iron, Phone and Computer Repair Size:17.7 x 11.8 Inches notes

MMOBIEL Helping Hands
LED Light Helping Hand Magnifier Station for Soldering, Assembly, Repair,Modeling, Hobbies and Crafts – 2.5X /4X LED Light – Hands-Free Magnifying Glass Stand – Incl. Clamp and Alligator Clips notes

QWORK Helping Hands
QWORK Glass Stand notes

Legion Tools Mini Screwdriver Set
Precision Mini Screwdriver Set 11pc Jeweller Laptop Phone Watch Repair Tool notes

Sudake SDK07 test clips
10X Universal Chip clamp micro IC clamp SOP SOIC TSOP MSOP SSOP SMD IC Test Clip pin Socket Adpter Programmer for logic analyzer notes

Sudake SDK08 test clips
10pcs x Universal Chip IC clamp SOP SOIC TSOP MSOP SSOP SMD IC Test Clip Socket Adpter Programmer for logic analyzer notes

Victorinox Swiss Champ Red Swiss Army Knife

Scotch Titanium Scissors
3M Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Titanium 8″ Scissors Stay Sharp Smooth Cutting notes

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