In The Lab With Jay Jay – September 7, 2023 – Unboxing AliExpress TE-801 Third Hand With Magnifier

This post is part of my video blog: In The Lab With Jay Jay.

In this video I unbox two “different” helping hands (AKA “third hand”) only to discover they are the same TE-801 model.

I purchased these separately on AliExpress:

They are exactly the same product so if you’re planning to purchase might as well get the cheapest option. Note that the first link above also has a separate more expensive option which is actually a different product, I didn’t get one of those.

In addition to unboxing these third hands I also add some 4mm heat shrink to the alligator clips to take the bite out of the teeth.

Note: in this video I have the annoying habit of calling “heat shrink”, “shrink wrap”. The correct term is heat shrink, shrink wrap is a different type of thing.

In the video I use 4mm yellow heat shrink:

The hot air gun I use is a part of my Horusdy Soldering Station.

The batteries I use are Duracell AAA batteries.

My gloves are:

In The Lab With Jay Jay – September 6, 2023 – Enameled Bodge Wire With UV Solder Mask

This post is part of my video blog: In The Lab With Jay Jay.

In this video I solder three different sized bodge wires onto some perfboard for practice and for the purpose of exposition. After attaching the three bodge wires I cover them with UV solder mask.

If you haven’t heard of the expression “bodge wire” before, ChatGPT will explain.

I want to thank my mate Bruce from Branchus Creations for recommending the enameled wire of various sizes, the Swann Morton blades, and the Amtech flux.

I got three rolls of this enameled copper wire from AliExpress:

The diameters of the various rolls I got were:

Size mm inches
Small 0.07mm 0.003″
Medium 0.16mm 0.006″
Large 0.31mm 0.012″

I got the “coppery” colour, not the red stuff.

The Swann Morton blade handles I got were these:

I got three types of blades in #15C, #15, and #10 sizes:

The #15C Swann Morton blade is the smallest and is so far my favourite. The #15C is the blade I use in this video.

My flux is:

The industrial/precision tweezers I mention in the video are these:

The solder lugs I refer to are these:

The perfboard I used in this video was a 2x8cm board which I picked up from AliExpress:

I use two microscopes in this video:

In the video I reference my thermal imager:

My gloves are:

My head-mounted magnifying glasses are:

The soldering iron I use in this video is a part of my Horusdy soldering station:

My desoldering pump came in this kit:

The solder mask I ordered was this green stuff, but the stuff they actually sent me was red:

The solder I use in this video is:

My paint brush is the 5/0 sized brush from this set:

The blow torch I mention in this video is this one:

My Kapton tape and tape dispenser are these:

The bench multimeter I use in the video is a:

  • OWON XDM1041 Bench Multimeter

The isopropyl (IPA) alcohol I use in this video is this stuff:

In The Lab With Jay Jay – August 29, 2023 – OGXbox Recapping, Thermal Paste and Pro’sKit SS-331 Demo

This post is part of my video blog: In The Lab With Jay Jay.

In this video I recap an old OGXbox. I also redo the thermal paste. I use my Pro’sKit SS-331 desoldering pump in anger for the first time. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out my new tools. In the end the Xbox is still broken!

I sold this Xbox on eBay but it was returned to me during the warranty period (one month) as it was faulty.

In this video I mention a trick you can do in your browser when you’re watching videos on YouTube. Ordinarily the YouTube user interface only allows you to set playback speed to 2x, but if you want to set it at 3x or higher you can do so by pressing F12 to bring up developer tools, then open the Console, and enter this code:

document.querySelector("video").playbackRate = 3.0;

Change the number to change the playback speed.

In this video I mention that it was in a video from Bruce from Branchus Creations that I got the recommendation to try a beveled soldering iron tip. Having given it a bit of a go and not really having great luck with it I am going back to a small chisel bit instead.

I comment in the video about how you don’t need to replace the clock capacitor on a v1.6 board, but Harcroft on the original-xbox Discord forum reminded me that sometimes you do need to replace this capacitor.

The capacitors I use for this recapping are Chong 6.3V 3300μF Low ESR caps. Of course the board didn’t work after recapping so it’s possible these are dodgy caps.

I’m pretty sure I did damage the tip on my desoldering pump by putting the temperature all the way up to 480°C. Maybe don’t do that yourself. I believe anything over 380°C can damage iron tips (basically they melt!).

Op amp tester

I was watching How To TEST OP AMPS Using A Multimeter vs Op-Amp Tester Project Single Dual and I learned about this Operational Amplifier OP AMP Tester For Single Dual OPAMP TL071 TL072 TL081 TL082 Single/Dual Op Amp Test Board.

I have to cool it on the spending for a little while, but I’ve made a note of this on my shopping list.

In The Lab With Jay Jay – August 24, 2023 – Unboxing of UNI-T UTi260B Thermal Imager with Macro Lens

This post is part of my video blog: In The Lab With Jay Jay.

In this video I unbox my new UNI-T UTi260B thermal imager with macro lens and compare it with my Noyafa NF-521 thermal imager.

I made a few mistakes with the production of this video, sorry about that. I made a mess of the side branding, I will have that fixed in future. And I managed to get my toes on camera. The height of professionalism!

In this video I refer to my lab equipment documentation. Particularly I mention the Jackcat Mini Cutter electric scissors.

Note: in the video I’m not sure what “ROI” means, but it turns out it means “region of interest”. The region of interest is a box in the middle of the display, and some settings apply to this area.