SpamAssassin whitelist and blacklisting

Today I figured out how to specify whitelist and blacklist email addresses in SpamAssassin.

At the end of /etc/spamassassin/ I added two lines:

include whitelist
include blacklist

Then in the /etc/spamassassin/whitelist file I added some email specifications, e.g.:

jj5@sixsigma:~$ cat /etc/spamassassin/whitelist
# Allow email from system services, e.g. from
# or
whitelist_from *@*.progclub.*
# Similarly for blackbrick:
whitelist_from *@*

The /etc/spamassassin/blacklist file exists and is ready to go, but I haven’t blacklisted anything yet:

jj5@sixsigma:~$ cat /etc/spamassassin/blacklist
# No email addresses blacklisted yet.

Too easy.

There’s some more information on Whitelising a user.

At some point I hope to write a script that processes my users’ maildirs and whitelists everyone they’ve emailed.

One thought on “SpamAssassin whitelist and blacklisting

  1. You do not have to include these files in
    It is enough to create them in /etc/spamassassin/ in the form: and
    Spamassasin will read everything below /etc/spamassasin/ what have .cf

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