300in1 diodes

I made some notes about my 300in1 diodes. I have switching diodes, rectifier diodes, zener diodes, and germanium diodes. One thing to note is that germanium diodes are supposed to have a forward voltage of 300mV. One diode I thought was a germanium diode (it was clear with two black bands but no other markings) had a forward voltage of 600mV, I’m not sure what’s up with that, so I put it in my “unknown parts” drawer.

Arrays in PHP

Some notes about arrays in PHP over here: PHP: Frankenstein arrays. I was already aware of most of that but I thought the notes at the bottom about supporting JSON were handy:
If you want to enforce an array to encode to a JSON list (all array keys will be discarded), use:


And if you want to enforce an array to encode to a JSON object, use:


Also array_is_list is available as of PHP 8.1.

Mysticism and Morality

From 1.4.9. – Mysticism and Morality – Pt. 1:

Now, you see, I’m not talking about a philosophy, I’m not talking about a rationalization, some sort of theory that somebody cooked up in order to explain the world and make it seem a tolerable place to live in. I’m talking about a rather whimsical, unpredictable experience that suddenly hits people, and it includes this element of feeling the total harmoniousness of everything.