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After around 12 years with a completely unreadable look and feel I have finally bowed to pressure and switched my WordPress theme over to something sensible. I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme, which is what the old unreadable theme (known as OldSkool) was based on. This change is as a courtesy to my readers, who I do actually value. :)

In The Lab With Jay Jay – July 28, 2023 – Testing Riden RD6006 with 19.5V power supply

This post is part of my video blog: In The Lab With Jay Jay.

Today I confirmed I can successfully power my Riden RD6006 power supply with this 19.5V AC adapter I picked up from Amazon. Big thanks to my mate Rick over on the EEVBlog forum for his help with this one.

In this video I use a 100W 6Ω resistor to test my Riden RD6006 power supply at various voltages from 1V to 18V up to a maximum power of 54W.

I should note that in this video I tried to draw 54W of power from the power supply, but the power supply is only rated up to 45W so I probably shouldn’t have done that, and won’t have any reason to ever do that again, I was just testing the maximum. So maybe don’t do that at home. :)