Embedded Systems with ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers in Assembly Language and C

Today I learned about Embedded Systems with ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers in Assembly Language and C (Fourth Edition) by Yifeng Zhu while watching Lecture 9: Interrupts on YouTube. The full list of associated lectures are here: Short Lectures.

Logic Analyzer with 1GHz Sampling Rate

Today I was pleased to discover this: DreamSourceLab DSLogic U3Pro32 USB-Based Logic Analyzer with 1GHz Sampling Rate, 2Gbits Memory, USB 3.0 Interface, 32 Channels.

There are some notes from the manufacturer over here: DSLogic Series USB-based Logic Analyzer.

It’s a logic analyzer which can operate at 1GHz that’s within my price range. I’m not rushing off to buy this thing, but it is certainly on my list.

The only other thing I have seen that compares to this logic analyzer is this RIGOL DS70304/DS70504– Digital Oscilloscope 3GHz/5GHz 4 Channel 20GSa/s 2Gpts 1000000 wfms/s which is roughly two orders of magnitude more expensive.

BeagleV-Fire RISC-V and FPGA

Today on IRC the BeagleV-Fire was brought to my attention. This computer system sports an FPGA and looks like just the thing to get as an entry-level system to learn about FPGA tech. These things seem to be hard to find at the moment but apparently they sell for around US$150 which is quite affordable for an entry-level system. And the manufacturer’s commitment to open hardware is encouraging. Click-through on the link to find a heap of developer resources.

Op amp tester

I was watching How To TEST OP AMPS Using A Multimeter vs Op-Amp Tester Project Single Dual and I learned about this Operational Amplifier OP AMP Tester For Single Dual OPAMP TL071 TL072 TL081 TL082 Single/Dual Op Amp Test Board.

I have to cool it on the spending for a little while, but I’ve made a note of this on my shopping list.