New computer ‘trail’

I have built a new computer ‘trail‘ out of my old workstation ‘tradition‘. I was able to do this because I migrated the VirtualBox VMs that were running on ‘tradition’ over to QEMU/KVM VMs now running on ‘lore‘.

My new computer ‘trail’ is setup as the recording workstation for the “booth” in my studio. This is good because now I can record at 4K in the booth!

I don’t use Windows much these days but this new studio workstation runs Windows 11 Pro. I haven’t used software RAID on Windows before but for this workstation I setup a RAID1 mirror using 2x 2TB NVMe drives. I was able to configure the block size for the NTFS file system so I picked 2MB (which was the maximum) as this RAID array will only be for storing video recordings (which are huge files).

New Book: The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition | In The Lab With Jay Jay

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Silly Job Title: Charge Charmer

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This video is part of the New Book feature of my video blog.

In this video I review the venerable The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition by Paul Horowitz by Winfield Hill published in 2015. This monstrous tome includes some 1,220 pages.

This is a long video, because this is a long book!

While I was writing up these notes for the video I found a wealth of fun stuff. Here are a few links: