Fuck you ChatGPT

Man. Today I can’t prove I’m human to ChatGPT because its captcha is too hard for me. I gave it like five or six goes. I’m a bit pissed off because I pay for access to ChatGPT and having it waste my time like this and then deny me access wasn’t what I sent my money for. Off I go…

Update: gonna try NoowAI, that looks interesting and like it might satisfy my usecases.

Switching diodes and rectifying diodes

I had an envelope full of SMD diodes arrive today. Three different types in three different sizes, so nine bundles. Unlabeled!

I’m not sure what they were thinking at the shop. I got them from here.

I managed to figure out that the ones marked ‘S4’ were the Schottky diodes (1N5819WS). I think the ones labeled ‘T4’ are the switching diodes (1N4148WS) and the ones labeled ‘T7’ and ‘A7’ are the rectifying diodes (1N4007), but I’m not sure of that yet.

I asked ChatGPT for help and it explained how I can devise a test circuit, so that’s on my TODO list for tomorrow.

Who is the girl in Massive Attack?

I asked ChatGPT who is the girl in Massive Attack? It told me:

I think that’s a pretty good answer. The girl I was thinking of was Elizabeth Fraser who sings Teardrop. Horace Andy is a man, not a woman, but ChatGPT just listed him as an aside, it didn’t claim he was a woman.

I checked Massive Attack band members and there were a few other female collaborators which ChatGPT didn’t list, but it didn’t hallucinate anything or tell me any lies. I’m not sure if I should give ChatGPT a B grade for missing a few female collaborators, or an A for giving me a simpler answer which contained the fact I actually wanted to know, viz who is the girl who sings Teardrop?