Living in the future

So I had these “drill bit thingos” hanging on the pegboard in my lab, but I wanted to store them in a component drawer instead, but I wasn’t sure what the label should say. I searched “the usual places” to try to find the order in which I purchased them, but couldn’t find such a thing. In a last ditch effort I put the number printed onto the case into my search engine and did an image search on it: 15050090001. And there it was! Turns out the drill bits are called “Step Drill Bits”, as seen here: 1PCS HSS Co 3-12mm 4-22mm 6-24mm Spiral Groove 1/4″ Hex Handle Step Dril Bit Hole Cutter Cone Saw Stepped Drill Power Tools. Problem solved.

Living life on the edge

Whoosh! There goes my redundancy! Fingers crossed I don’t lose another disk before the replacements arrive!

Tue Nov 29 17:01:01 [bash:5.1.16 jobs:0 error:0 time:6361]
# zpool status
  pool: data
 state: DEGRADED
status: One or more devices has been taken offline by the administrator.
        Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue functioning in a
        degraded state.
action: Online the device using 'zpool online' or replace the device with
        'zpool replace'.
  scan: scrub repaired 0B in 1 days 10:20:21 with 0 errors on Mon Nov 14 10:44:22 2022

        NAME                     STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        data                     DEGRADED     0     0     0
          mirror-0               DEGRADED     0     0     0
            sda                  ONLINE       0     0     0
            9460704850353196665  OFFLINE      0     0     0  was /dev/sdb1
          mirror-1               DEGRADED     0     0     0
            2467357469475118468  OFFLINE      0     0     0  was /dev/sdc1
            sdd                  ONLINE       0     0     0
          nvme0n1p4              ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

  pool: fast
 state: ONLINE
status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error.  An
        attempt was made to correct the error.  Applications are unaffected.
action: Determine if the device needs to be replaced, and clear the errors
        using 'zpool clear' or replace the device with 'zpool replace'.
  scan: resilvered 2.70G in 00:01:35 with 0 errors on Tue Nov 29 13:28:02 2022

        NAME         STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        fast         ONLINE       0     0     0
          mirror-0   ONLINE       0     0     0
            sde      ONLINE       0     0     0
            sdf      ONLINE       0     0     1
          nvme0n1p3  ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

  pool: temp
 state: ONLINE
status: Some supported and requested features are not enabled on the pool.
        The pool can still be used, but some features are unavailable.
action: Enable all features using 'zpool upgrade'. Once this is done,
        the pool may no longer be accessible by software that does not support
        the features. See zpool-features(7) for details.
  scan: scrub repaired 0B in 00:21:59 with 0 errors on Sun Nov 13 00:46:02 2022

        NAME         STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        temp         ONLINE       0     0     0
          nvme0n1p5  ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

Power for test Xbox

On my bench I have a test mains power input for testing Xboxes along with a test AV cable connected to a TV.

Today I wired an Xbox power safety device into the mix. There’s a tear down of this highly over-engineered device on the EEVBlog video: EEVblog #1164 – Xbox Engineering Baptism Of Fire.

Microsoft made this to cover for defective mains power connector in their earliest hardware versions. The problem was that the socket was only soldered into the board and didn’t have sufficient mechanical support. The solder joints could wiggle around, become loose, get hot, and then let go the magic smoke.

Anyway this device is both a fuse and an earth leakage detector, so very happy to have it as part of my setup.