Props to Corsair

Just wanted to say thank you publicly to Corsair. The case for my computer ‘charisma‘ is a Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Edition Mid-Tower ATX Case. I really love this case and in fact I have two of them.

Anyway I had a problem where one of the feet snapped off and I couldn’t find spares for sale anywhere on the internet. I applied for a replacement of the feet through the Corsair warranty process, which was comprehensive but relatively painless, and I am pleased to report that my new replacement feet arrived today.

I am a happy customer!

Triple 4k monitors

Well, shit kinda got out of hand, and now I have three 4k monitors on my desk.

I didn’t intend for this to happen. What happened was I thought that one of the monitors that I use for my computers on the bench and in the booth was broken. So I hastily ordered a replacement. Then it turned out that that monitor wasn’t broken — the power cord had fallen out — but by the time I had discovered that eBay was telling me it was too late to cancel my order.

So for a lousy AU$250 I now have a third monitor attached to my primary workstation. Since I have pretty much no need or use for a third monitor what I have done is create a desktop background image for it with a bunch of reference material.

The SCSI Bus and IDE Interface: Protocols, Applications and Programming (2nd Edition)

I have this wonderful old book The SCSI Bus and IDE Interface: Protocols, Applications and Programming (2nd Edition). It was published in 1997 but is still available for purchase through Amazon.

The book comes with a floppy disk (that’s right: a floppy disk!). I had to buy a USB floppy disk drive to read it. I have made the content from the disk available in a tarball, here: scsi.tgz.

If you just want to read the files, those are here:

New camera, woohoo!

I am pleased to advise that today my new Logitech BRIO 4K webcam arrived. I have installed it in the booth, and unlike the last one, this one actually works. The implication for me is less stuffing around when it’s time to record videos because I will no longer have to move one camera between two mounts, the cameras are static now.

New computer ‘trail’

I have built a new computer ‘trail‘ out of my old workstation ‘tradition‘. I was able to do this because I migrated the VirtualBox VMs that were running on ‘tradition’ over to QEMU/KVM VMs now running on ‘lore‘.

My new computer ‘trail’ is setup as the recording workstation for the “booth” in my studio. This is good because now I can record at 4K in the booth!

I don’t use Windows much these days but this new studio workstation runs Windows 11 Pro. I haven’t used software RAID on Windows before but for this workstation I setup a RAID1 mirror using 2x 2TB NVMe drives. I was able to configure the block size for the NTFS file system so I picked 2MB (which was the maximum) as this RAID array will only be for storing video recordings (which are huge files).