QEMU/KVM Attaching a Virtual NIC Directly to a Physical Interface

Man, it took me a while to figure out how to do this! Over on Attaching a Virtual NIC Directly to a Physical Interface I figured out I could use this XML in Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) for my NIC device:

<interface type='direct'>
  <source dev='enp9s0' mode='bridge'/>

That then gets expanded automatically to something like this:

<interface type="direct">
  <mac address="52:54:00:ce:5b:09"/>
  <source dev="enp9s0" mode="bridge"/>
  <target dev="macvtap4"/>
  <model type="rtl8139"/>
  <alias name="net0"/>
  <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x10" slot="0x01" function="0x0"/>

Update: ah, balls. This doesn’t completely work, because the guest can’t connect to the host, and vice versa, even though both the host and the guest can connect to the internet. This is a problem for another day. Maybe this or this will help?

Good learners

I was reading about Neil Postman and found myself on the inquiry education page. It says that all good learners have:

  • Self-confidence in their learning ability
  • Pleasure in problem solving
  • A keen sense of relevance
  • Reliance on their own judgment over other people’s or society’s
  • No fear of being wrong
  • No haste in answering
  • Flexibility in point of view
  • Respect for facts, and the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion
  • No need for final answers to all questions, and comfort in not knowing an answer to difficult questions rather than settling for a simplistic answer

Fuck you ChatGPT

Man. Today I can’t prove I’m human to ChatGPT because its captcha is too hard for me. I gave it like five or six goes. I’m a bit pissed off because I pay for access to ChatGPT and having it waste my time like this and then deny me access wasn’t what I sent my money for. Off I go…

Update: gonna try NoowAI, that looks interesting and like it might satisfy my usecases.

Watch Loupe

This morning my new eyeglasses arrived, they are these ones from AliExpress: Watch Loupe Glasses Magnifying Repair Tool Loop Magnifiers Watchmaker Jewelry Jewelers Magnifier Foreye Convenient Professional.

Rather than do an unboxing video I thought I’d just write it up in this blog post.

There’s a headband type thing that comes with them that looks rather cheap and flimsy (it is), but it’s actually quite functional and practical.

The 20X magnification is my fav, and I might even see if I can get something with higher magnification one day.

John's new eyeglasses

The headband that goes with the eyeglasses