Service sadness

I read this and it made me sad. Exposing CRUD API makes me sad. CRUD is for databases, within transactions, not services. Services should have query (GET) and submit (POST) only. Oh, and calling a service an API makes me sad. Calling a URL or its path an “endpoint” makes me sad. An endpoint is a computer which processes a message, it’s not a URL path. The idea of “routing” makes me sad. Using plurals in URLs makes me sad. Exposing hierarchies unnecessarily in URLs makes me sad. Business process which doesn’t cater for optimistic concurrency controls makes me sad.

Continuity tester

I had a suspected short circuit in a cable I made (I think I used too much heat on the heat shrink and caused insulation to melt) and what I needed was a continuity tester. My multimeter is bollocks for continuity so I knocked together my own:

I used a green 5mm LED, a 68 ohm resistor, two AA batteries, some banana sockets, and a bit of wire. I used my rotary tool with drill bit, burr, and countersink to score the holes in the case.

I used this LED Resistor Calculator to figure out the resistor rating (~50 ohms). I used my M328 Multi-Function Tester to figure out the forward voltage across my LED (it was 2.1 V, the default).

p.s. the cable under test was shorted! Turns out its a bad idea to put heat shrink tubing over electrical tape! And now we know.