Configuring download directory for Chromium and Firefox snaps

So I read this and this and solved my problem. Basically I bind /temp/download to /media/$USER/download and then I can set the download directory in Chromium and Firefox snaps to /media/$USER/download and my downloads go where I want them. This was actually harder to figure out than it should have been.

4 Digit 7 Seven Segment display

I’m planning to get a bunch of these: 0.56 Inch 7 Seven Segment 4 Digits Red Clock LED Display Common cathode Time 12 Pins. Then I need to figure out how to drive them from an Arduino Nano…

// 2022-09-24 jj5 – actually, these might be better: 0.91 inch OLED Module White/Blue OLED 128X32 OLED LCD LED Display Module 0.91″ IIC Communicate For Arduino ROHS Certification.