Announcing new website for In The Lab With Jay Jay

Good news everyone!

The In The Lab With Jay Jay website has been freeloading off for a while now, over here:

But I am pleased to announce that it has now been moved into its new and permanent home, over here:

There is also a short-link domain which will redirect you to the new site which I put into production to keep the links on my business cards short:

Speaking of business cards I had some made to take with me to ElectroneX on Wednesday:

John's new business card for In The Lab With Jay Jay

I’m planning to show up in costume and hand out business cards, because I am a *genuine* nerd.

As part of the migration to the new domain I improved the content of the site a bit. There is now an about page with contact info and such and also a support the show page with some ideas about how people can support the show!

Hexing the technical interview meets DALL·E

There is a hilarious quote from Aphyr in Hexing the technical interview:

Vidrun, born of the sea-wind through the spruce
Vidrun, green-tinged offshoot of my bough, joy and burden of my life
Vidrun, fierce and clever, may our clan’s wisdom be yours:
Never read Hacker News

I fed it into DALL·E and it gave me this awesomeness: