Game on!

I was at the thrift store the other day and I found this retro gaming system for AU$15 (US$10). Haven’t had a play with it yet, I’m saving it for when I have some time to do the unboxing. And I didn’t want to do that until I had my new HDMI recording setup installed, but that’s done now, so I AM READY BABY.

John's new retro gaming system

I’ve been meaning to make this change for a while now, and finally got around to it this evening.

I started blogging at back in November 2003 and continued through to May 2005. After that I stopped blogging for a while, but I started again at in August 2011.

The ProgClub blog was imagined to be a group blog, my plan when I set it up was to have all the ProgClub members have an account on the blog, but that turned out to be a pretty poorly received idea. Eventually, and for a long time now, it has just been me (your host, jj5) over on the ProgClub blog.

Since this has become a personal blog, I figured it was time to move it from ProgClub back to, where it all began.

The transition should be seamless, old links should be properly redirected, old logins should continue to work, but if you run into any problems please let me know.


I was chatting with my brother about my new video blog and he said I should do something to make myself distinctive, so I thought a lab coat, ID badge on lanyard, and pocket protector full of tools would do the trick.

To that end I got myself a lab coat, set of five multicolored lanyards, a pocket protector, and a screwdriver with clip.

Cosplay! I’m such a nerd. :P

My inspiration was mostly Stetmann of StarCraft II fame, although my outfit isn’t exactly the same.

I made some ID badges for myself, I figured I could give myself various job titles and choose a different one from time to time…

Who is the girl in Massive Attack?

I asked ChatGPT who is the girl in Massive Attack? It told me:

I think that’s a pretty good answer. The girl I was thinking of was Elizabeth Fraser who sings Teardrop. Horace Andy is a man, not a woman, but ChatGPT just listed him as an aside, it didn’t claim he was a woman.

I checked Massive Attack band members and there were a few other female collaborators which ChatGPT didn’t list, but it didn’t hallucinate anything or tell me any lies. I’m not sure if I should give ChatGPT a B grade for missing a few female collaborators, or an A for giving me a simpler answer which contained the fact I actually wanted to know, viz who is the girl who sings Teardrop?