the journey

Stolen from the journey:

it begins, as with all significant voyages, with feelings of trepidation. once the journey is commenced, there is no going back. to consume psilocybin is to consume the truth and one must be prepared to accept all that follows in the wake of the sacramental act.

as the effects proceed there may be a short period of mild disorientation. body and soul are forcibly swept to a new dimension more real than ordinary reality. on the way, cultural conditioning is shed, like old skin. traditional modes of cognition and perception give way to an entirely novel form of consciousness. as feelings of disorientation pass it seems as if ones nervous system is being retuned. its like waking up, or even being reborn.

one eventually arrives at a state of mind so advanced, so coherent, that the interconnectedness of all things becomes breathtakingly apparent. with eyes wide open everything radiates fractal beauty. one is reminded of tibetan mandalas, geometric islamic artwork, and the interwoven designs so prominent in celtic art. with eyes closed, colorful visions unfold so complex and so laden with intent, as to suggest communion with a transcendental intelligence.

as the journey continues, there is a tremendous feeling of being empowered, of being privy to the miracle of the living moment. profound insights flow through the open mind. conscious existence seems more like a precious gift than a side effect of brain activity. a gift granted by a deliberately and exquisitely configured universe.
one is thrust deeper and deeper into the mystery of being. as the entheogenic action of psilocybin reaches its peak, sacred realms of experience becomes accessible and of this little can be conveyed in words.

we are not alone and isolated. nothing is isolated. we are each uniquely evolving pattern of energy and information born within a vast system of purposeful intelligence which we call nature.