Common C libraries and data structures

Today I discovered: Common C libraries and data structures. (C99) over on github. So awesome.

I really like the project layout too. Each module in a directory with an example, a bunch of tests, and some documentation to go along with the code. I feel like this is how it should be done. I think today I grew as a programmer because I read this code.

The Most Common OpenSSL Commands and viewing a CRL

Found a helpful article today, The Most Common OpenSSL Commands.

The particular command I needed wasn’t listed there though. What I needed to do was examine the contents of my Certificate Revocation List (CRL) certificate. I had a problem connecting to my website because it was complaining about an expired certificate and the culprit was indeed the CRL as I discovered when I ran:

 $ openssl crl -inform CER -in ca.crl -text -noout