Loctite Tak Pak

Over on How To Repair Damaged / Broken PCB Traces – 2 Great Methods, Mr SolderFix says that Loctite Tak Pak is good PCB glue. He recommends the Loctite SF 7455 activator, and the Loctite 382 instant adhesive. I tried to find some for purchase but it’s only available via international shipping and costs a fortune.

I have some glue in my drawer, particularly 24x 3G Super Glue for Plastic, Leather, Ceramics, Rubber, Metal, Wood Super Glue. Might give that a go for wiring a bodge wire to a PCB to see if it works okay or not.

Toilet light cover

I had to replace the globe in the toilet light:

But when I did I managed to snap off the tabs that hold the cover on. So I glued and bolted them back on:

You can see the screws I used are way too big. I had 6mm and 18mm in inventory and had to use the 18mm ones. Realising this gap in my inventory I have just now purchased some 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm ones to flesh out my collection.