For a long while now I have been having intermittent problems with the audio in my lab. I stream the GoaPsy channel from, and I really love it, but not when there’s skipping! I figured the problem was related to latency and jitter on my broadband connection, and if so, there was little to be done, except to wait for network conditions at my ISP to change.

But this evening I noticed that when I sat close in to my workstation to type the skipping would start. Then if I moved back in my chair, it would stop. I found I could actually cause the skipping to start or stop just by moving around in my chair!

Turns out the problem wasn’t my internet connection, the problem was the bluetooth connection between my laptop and my speakers! To fix the problem I got underneath my desk and moved my sub woofer about one foot to the left. Now when I move around in my chair my music doesn’t skip anymore! Happy days!

Goa-Psy Trance

About Goa-Psy Trance:

Sometimes, you might feel as though it’s time to break out into a trance of some sort – a meditative state that allows you to relax, to calm down, to focus on your breathing, and to rejuvenate your mind. When the mood strikes, Goa-Psy Trance is the perfect radio channel for you. Featuring a new psychedelic blend of trance music, Goa-Psy radio offers a unique sound that is full of arpeggiated synths and trippy effects that keep you in the right state of mind to achieve the mindfulness that you’re seeking. Relaxing, yet engaging, allow your mind to focus on the atmosphere that this channel creates.