Fixing character encoding issue in ViewVC

So I was having an issue with ViewVC wherein UTF-8 content (a copyright symbol) was being garbled in the web browser.

I chased a number of red herrings (Content-Type headers, http-equiv, XHTML vs HTML5) but eventually found the culprit in the viewvc.conf settings.

I needed to change the ‘detect_encoding’ setting from ‘1’ to ‘0’. Once that was done my content was presented correctly:

## detect_encoding: Should we attempt to detect versioned file
## character encodings?  [Requires 'chardet' module, and is currently
## used only by the syntax coloration logic -- if enabled -- for the
## 'markup' and 'annotate' views; see 'enable_syntax_coloration'.]
# 2019-06-02 jj5 - OLD: this was bollocksing things up...
#detect_encoding = 1
# 2019-06-02 jj5 - NEW: so I changed it...
detect_encoding = 0
# 2019-06-02 jj5 - END

ProgClub news

There’s been news every day for a while now. Not too shabby. Today’s news is that ViewVC (aka: Pcview) has been installed and configured on That means that now pcrepo can be browsed online. Comes complete with support for syntax highlighting and line-numbers (courtesy of the ‘highlight’ package, couldn’t get enscript to work for PHP) and a proper logo with a link back to the wiki. That’s five completed projects now! Go school!