New kit

I’ve installed my two new microscopes, the TOMLOV DM602 Pro which arrived today, and the Yizhan Microscope which arrived yesterday.

Using my new 8K 5-in 1-out HDMI 2.1 Switch I can put either of the microscopes on the top display. I can also put the Rigol MSO5074 scope and an Xbox on the top display. There is one spare HDMI port which is on the front of the device which I can use for ad hoc purposes.

Before the HDMI switch output runs into the top display (a Teac TV) it runs through a 4K Audio Video Capture Device which allows me to record the output for inclusion in my videos.

John's new screens

The smallest and worst HDMI display ever

This is great: The smallest and worst HDMI display ever. There’s a write up over here. This guy has plugged an OLED device directly into the HDMI port on his laptop. On a related note, I thought Craig would appreciate this one: Building a tiny steampunk “HDMI” display from the same author (recommend watching at 2x speed).