Netfilter and iptables

This evening I read the iptables man page and Linux iptables Pocket Reference from cover-to-cover; my notes are here: Netfilter.

I think at this point I am ready to use iptables in anger for the first time in a long time, and the first time ever on a router.

However, before I take that on, I’m going to have a quick diversion into the following books, and then sleep, and I will do my iptables programming when I wake up tomorrow.

BeagleV-Fire RISC-V and FPGA

Today on IRC the BeagleV-Fire was brought to my attention. This computer system sports an FPGA and looks like just the thing to get as an entry-level system to learn about FPGA tech. These things seem to be hard to find at the moment but apparently they sell for around US$150 which is quite affordable for an entry-level system. And the manufacturer’s commitment to open hardware is encouraging. Click-through on the link to find a heap of developer resources.

Hardware debugging

Read a bunch of stuff about hardware debugging. Learned a thing or two, but I have much further to go!

Data formats including YAML

I finally got around to reading about YAML at Wikipedia. Worth doing if you use YAML anywhere and haven’t read the YAML page yet.

The Wikipedia article links to the official website:, which is good fun. It’s written in YAML! :D

If you’re interested in data formats and markup languages here’s some other reading on the subject: