How to open the current page in a new Firefox window

You can press Ctrl+N to open a new window, but the new window loads with your home page. What I’ve found myself wanting to do is to open a copy of the current page in a new window. The way I figured was to click History in the menu bar and then Shift+Click to load the page on the top of the list (assuming the page you want is actually on the top of the list… if that’s not what you want keep looking down the list!).

KCachegrind doesn’t open cachegrind profiler log file

So I had an issue with KCachegrind where I would open a cachegrind profile file and “nothing happened”. The status bar said the file had loaded, but the user interface widgets were all empty. Turns out clicking Settings -> Sidebars -> Function Profile loaded the part of the UI I needed to get started… everything is easy when you know how!