Living in the future

So I had these “drill bit thingos” hanging on the pegboard in my lab, but I wanted to store them in a component drawer instead, but I wasn’t sure what the label should say. I searched “the usual places” to try to find the order in which I purchased them, but couldn’t find such a thing. In a last ditch effort I put the number printed onto the case into my search engine and did an image search on it: 15050090001. And there it was! Turns out the drill bits are called “Step Drill Bits”, as seen here: 1PCS HSS Co 3-12mm 4-22mm 6-24mm Spiral Groove 1/4″ Hex Handle Step Dril Bit Hole Cutter Cone Saw Stepped Drill Power Tools. Problem solved.

Digital Tools I Wish Existed

Today I read (some of) Digital Tools I Wish Existed. I didn’t read the whole thing but I did find myself agreeing with the bits I read. I tried creating a reading database for myself but it quickly got clogged and unmanageable then fell into disuse. I think it’s a good idea but I haven’t found a workable solution to the problem yet… presently my notes and reading are strewn out all over the place.