Hewlett Packard HP 8018A Serial Data Generator

I saw this Hewlett Packard HP 8018A Serial Data Generator for sale for US $2,000 after having seen it mentioned over on Using a 1930 Teletype as a Linux Terminal. That sent me off trying to see if I could get my UTG962E from the UNI-T UTG900E series arbitrary function waveform generator to transmit a custom waveform. I managed to get the software installed on Windows and apparently I can upload any of *.sav, *.rec, *.dat, *.uwr, *.wfr, *.wf to my waveform generator, but I have no idea how to generate such files.

New toys

Got myself some new toys! On the left is an OWON XDM1041 Digital Multimeter (for AUD$169.49 from AliExpress) and on the right is an UNI-T UTG962E Function Waveform Generator (for AUD$202.35 from AliExpress).

On the black table in the left is my Digitech QM1323 Digital Multimeter. You can see I’ve been hanging my probes from my lamp, which seems to work:

@epilys on #lobsters asked about my LED Lamp, which is an 5 Diopter LED Illuminated Magnifying Lamp.