C++ Virtual Destructors and Base Classes

I’ve been wondering what happens when a derived class defines a virtual destructor. What about its base destructors? Are they called? If so, when? I finally read the right paragraph in The C++ Programming Language (pg 70):

A virtual destructor is essential for an abstract class because an object of a derived class is usually manipulated through a pointer to a base class. Then, the virtual function call mechanism ensures that the proper destructor is called. That destructor then implicitly invokes the destructors of its bases and members.

Still not sure when the bases and members are destructed, presumably after the derived virtual destructor…

Mailman 3.0 and Postfix Virtual Domains

Read the spec for Mailman 3.0. Looks like it will be pretty good. The feature that I’m interested in, and I’m annoyed I can’t do this with my current version of Mailman, is to be able to put a link to the web archived message in the bottom of the outgoing SMTP message. I.e. so there’s a link back to that message on the web in the message itself. Would be really handy for referencing. At the moment if I want a link I have to go to the web archive for the particular list and find it.

While I was reading the Mailman 3.0 spec I noticed a link to Postfix Virtual Domain Hosting Howto. I think I might have read (at least some of) that before. But… reading that is now definitely on my TODO list.

Postfix Virtual Mailboxes and Procmail Filtering

Am interested in getting procmail to work with my Postfix/Courier setup. Am using virtual domains/aliases/mailboxes stored in a MySQL database and a Maildir file system. Have only just begun my investigations. So far I’ve found: