HTTPS and Client Certificates

I’m half-way through setting up my web-server for client certificate authentication. Have to get a few other things done first so I’m going to come back to this. Here are my notes so far.

I’m reading OpenSSL and Certificates over on Ubuntu help, and that seems to be a fairly good guide for setting up the server side of things.

I read this article on Email Certificates but that wasn’t that useful for what I’m doing.

I learned a little bit about the update-ca-certificates command that is part of the ca-certificates package, and maybe that will be useful down the track.

In my travels I discovered NSS and SSL Error Codes, but that’s probably not too useful either.

The OpenSSL FAQ was a really useful read. I’ll probably be referring back to that.

I learned about which is interesting but probably something I won’t be using.

There’s an SSL Certificates HOWTO over on TLDP and if I can find the time I’d like to read that whole thing, although from what I’ve read so far it’s not complete.

The mod_ssl project has a really handy Reference for all the Apache configuration options, worth a read of.

And that’s it for now. I’ll pick this up again in a day or two.