Paging Craig

Hey, Craig. I wouldn’t ordinarily try to contact you with a message from my blog, but the email address I have for you isn’t working. Maybe check your domain name is properly configured with your email provider? Contact me with a functional email address and I will send you the details!

The error message is: “The partner did not specify the domain to relay the emails”, so looks like maybe you need to configure a forwarding address.


This is a part of the homework feature of my blog, which is an ongoing conversation with my mate S.F.

Hey mate.

Lovely to see you again. Thanks for dinner! And thanks for sending me home with dessert, the apple crumble was yummo! <3

So this is Mastodon. Basically peer to peer social networking.

If you go here and scroll down to “Moderated servers”, you will see what a nightmare it is keeping toxic content off the platform.

It was interesting reading about the journalism code of practice.

Bodies by the Sex Pistols remains a confronting and poignant message. “I’m not an animal! I’m an abortion.”

I couldn’t find anything on “Don Kiyoti”, did you mean Don Quixote?

Check out The Tao of Programming.

Check out the Lex Fridman interview with Ray Kurzweil. In the interview Ray mentions about how he has a conversation with his digitized father.

Lex Fridman is a very interesting dude, and he does some awesome interviews with some very famous people.

Fred Brooks is a famous programmer and author who died just a few days ago.

The Penny Arcade comic is an important part of contemporary culture. I forget why it was relevant but I had a note about this one.

Steve Yegge is a famous programmer from Google who made a bit of a splash with his blog many years ago.

Check out Welcome to Hell, it’s pretty funny.

If you get a chance definitely watch Hacksaw Ridge.

You should read Technology implies belligerence and the book that it’s from, Blindsight. You can find it free online.

There’s a great interview with Pat Helland over here, you can see his famous collection of pez dispensers in the background!

And I will leave you with this, because it’s awesome.



Hi. I’d like to introduce a new feature of my blog, the Homework category. From time to time I meet with my friend S.F. and we have very interesting conversations. Arising from those conversations is a bunch of homework, which is stuff I have to go home and research based on what came up in our conversation. Usually I just email my friend after our conversation with the homework, but I thought that from now on I would post a slightly edited version of the homework over here, because I think it’s interesting and good fodder for my blog.