SPI: The serial peripheral interface

Watched this one from Ben Eater: SPI: The serial peripheral interface. I found it while watching this one: Hacking a weird TV censoring device, which was kind of hilarious, he reverses a profanity filter and finds its dictionary.

I noticed Ben Eater has a Keysight DSOX1204G Oscilloscope, a pretty nice looking bit of kit. Oh dear, he also seems to have a Keysight DSOX4024A Oscilloscope, which is an even nicer looking bit of kit.

When I have some time I’m gonna get some of these BME280 knockoffs and see if I can play along with the SPI video.

New shelf

So I installed this shelf. It’s the black wiry thing:

But it was a bit of an ordeal. I managed to snap not one, but *two* screws while bolting it in.

The drill bit on the left was a casualty of trying to repair the mess. One screw shaft was irredeemably stuck in the wood, I couldn’t get it out. The other one I needed to drill around to get it out, it was stuck hard. Then I just plugged the hole I had created with craft sticks and hot glue, then tried again.

The spirit level says I did a fairly reasonable job of it: