Power cables

I’ve made another batch of cables. These ones are power cables. For connecting my bench power supplies to breadboards.

I made two sets of banana plugs to DC male with inline switches:

And two sets of DC female to jumper pin:

And one set of DC female to DC male with inline switch:

Before I made these cables I figured out that it’s best to install the SPST switch into the positive wire.

My soldering started out pretty bad:

But I got better:

I tested both full sets:

Both green light:

Now I have a DC Power cable drawer:

New cables

I made some new cables (the ones on the right). They’re banana plug to square socket. They complement the ones on the left, which are banana plug to pin jumper. The pin jumpers can plug into the square sockets.

I also installed the two black hooks to hang them on. The silver hook with the hot glue gun on it was already there.

For each type there are two pair of short ones and one pair of long ones.